Credit Union Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Offer the added-value of a complimentary satellite radio trial to your Credit Union members when they purchase a pre-owned vehicle, leaving them more satisfied with their car loan experience. By participating, your members will receive a complimentary 3-Month Trial Subscription of the SiriusXM All Access package on properly-equipped vehicles.

A. Please call 1-888-686.8550 to schedule an information session.

B. Register Here

It’s simple and only takes a couple minutes. Sign up now at sxmcuprogram.com

A SiriusXM representative will deliver the benefits of this Program to Credit Union members, courtesy of their Credit Union. For more information, email us at SXMCUProgram@siriusxm.com

By enrolling into this Program, you will be authorizing SiriusXM to activate SiriusXM radios in properly-equipped vehicles on a complimentary trial subscription for members who finance or refinance a used car through your Credit Union, excluding members who opt-out. You will also be providing a way for SiriusXM to contact members with programming and subscription options.

SiriusXM understands the importance of data confidentiality and security. We follow regulatory requirements and industry-leading standards for data protection to ensure all member information is secure.

A PDF of SiriusXM’s Customer Agreement & Website terms of use can be found on SiriusXM’s website at: https://www.siriusxm.com/pdf/siriusxm_customeragreement_eng.pdf

SiriusXM Due Diligence/Corporate Information
Please review all documentation here: investor.siriusxm.com

Once you set up your data feed successfully, you can start offering the Trial Subscription to your credit union members who apply for a new vehicle loan or who come in to refinance a vehicle loan. We recommend that you inform the member of the opportunity and that SiriusXM will automatically receive their contact information. You will be able to provide your member with a brochure and radio activation instructions at point of sale. Your members will need to activate their trial subscription online or contact Listener Care 1-866-635-5027 to get started.

Yes, any pre-owned vehicle equipped with a factory-installed SiriusXM radio will be eligible for a Trial Subscription as long as that vehicle is not presently active on a subscription. Pre-owned vehicles will receive the complimentary Trial Subscription as long as, complete and accurate data is received and the member activates the radio. If you discover that erroneous information was delivered or if your member experiences any issues during the activation process, please notify Credit Union Support immediately at 1-888-686-2550. SiriusXM will investigate and work to correct any issues.

If you’ve joined and want to verify your activation status, please contact 1-888-686-2550.

If, on the rare occasion, your member encounters activation issues, please know that our SiriusXM Listener Care Agents are available to help. Please tell your customer to call SiriusXM Listener Care at 1-866-635-5027, and they will be happy to assist.

• If your question is about other aspects of SiriusXM satellite radio services, please contact us at 1-866-635-5027.
• For additional questions please contact 1-888-686-2550.

Tell your member that any pre-owned vehicle which is pre-equipped with factory-installed satellite radio will receive a complimentary 3-Month Trial Subscription of the Sirius or XM All Access programming package (a $19.99 monthly savings), just for getting their new loan from your Credit Union. With either trial subscription, they will also get complimentary activation, an additional $15 savings.

DETAILS: Their SiriusXM service will automatically stop at the end of the 3-Month Trial Subscription unless they decide to subscribe. If your member decides to continue service after their trial, the subscription plan they choose will automatically renew thereafter and they will be charged the rate in effect at that time and according to their chosen payment method. Fees and taxes apply. To cancel they must call us at 1-866-635-2349. They should see our Customer Agreement for complete terms at www.siriusxm.com. All SiriusXM fees and programming subject to change.